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  • Angela Appiah wrote a new post 10 months ago

    Keep reading to learn some strategies on how to move learners out of their comfort zone.

    Moving people out of their comfort zone is not easy at all. I say this as an educator and a beginner in boxing. […]

  • Do you need financial aid for school? Check out these free scholarships for women.

    Women have historically not had the same educational opportunities as men. For a significant period, women did not have access […]

  • Angela Appiah wrote a new post 11 months ago

    Learn how to design the best online modules and become an expert in your field.

    E-learning has come to stay. Many students prefer this option to traditional learning because there are fewer restrictions when […]

  • There are more opportunities than ever for students to study online today at their own pace from anywhere in the world. As a result, the cost of education is lower than usual. This is because students do not have […]

  • Angela Appiah wrote a new post 1 year ago

    There are two intriguing facts you should know: the first one is that 98% of people reading this will lose focus before the second paragraph. The second fact is that a goldfish has a longer attention span than an […]

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