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Teaching students is a most rewarding experience but can also be a daunting task for educators. This is made more so with the constantly changing technology demands and the growing gap between school use of technology versus students’ knowledge and use of technological tools.

In an effort to help make learning less stressful and more engaging, I built this LMS with great features, using a free plugin called LifterLMS and added several other functionalities to allow for a blended learning experience. I am also focused on providing great tools for teachers to facilitate their teaching and learning.

My focus for this platform is to show what is feasible with simple and free tools easily available to anyone interested in investing a couple of hours. The blog section of this platform will contain useful information and showcase some of the latest educational innovations and tools for engaging in blended learning.

This site is designed with the user in mind and we hope you enjoy all the cool features such as the following:

  1. Creating interactive and engaging lessons for students
  2. Engaging students with automated emails, certificates, badges, etc
  3. Forming groups and forums for discussions and projects
  4. Project collaborations
  5. Allow teachers to sell some courses and many other features

Feel free to enroll in any of the free courses or register to use the platform as a teacher to flip your instruction. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any help. Also, please share your experience of how you are using the site and what the impact has been on your students and teaching.

I am interested in collaborating to build on this project and especially to develop content for the site. If you are also interested in building a your own customized LMS like this or on other platforms such as Moodle, Canvas etc, you can get in touch or take any of my free lessons on how to do so on our site.

I hope you find this platform useful.


Maxwell Dziku

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