..compiled from an article by Radhika Yadav on April 24, 2019 .

Technology has today become an imperative part of daily life as technology assists us in every aspect of our daily live tasks whether it is shopping, banking, AI-driven portfolio management to learning a new language via an easy-to-use smartphone app. The merits that technology has been transferring to us are simply innumerable.

Based on a survey back in 2013, the average knowledge workers spend up to their 35% of the working day in finding the solutions to their problems.

Artificial Intelligence can help, however, it won’t supplant individuals in the learning procedure. Unquestionably, an Artificial Intelligence system will probably supplant few occupations that include dull procedures soon; yet AI will, for the most part, be utilized to help individuals carry out their responsibilities preferable rather over carrying out the responsibility for them. On account of learning, AI can convey learning into everyday work through help with hands-on preparing and corporate eLearning.

It is the capacity to introspect and enhance fresh that gives people the edge over machines. While Artificial Intelligence might almost certainly upgrade profitability and enhance mechanical assignments, it can’t learn free of understanding.

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