Earning an M.Ed Online

Extract from ‘Is a Master’s Degree in Education Right For You?’ , an article by : Adam Gutierrez on June 1, 2017. With busy schedules and cost concerns, many educators opt for online M.Ed. programs. These programs can allow teachers to continue to work current education jobs while earning a degree or at least avoid the costly relocation fees that come with attending a brick and mortar school. Convenience is one of the biggest benefits Read more…

Blended Learning

Technology has created great opportunities for education in engaging students more and enhancing learning. Blending classroom instruction with online instruction is the way to go according to several current education research. Here is an overview of what it is and the potential impact on instruction: Created by Knewton


Welcome to Learn All You Can LMS Teaching students is a most rewarding experience but can also be a daunting task for educators. This is made more so with the constantly changing technology demands and the growing gap between school use of technology versus students’ knowledge and use of technological tools. In an effort to help make learning less stressful and more engaging, I built this LMS with great features, using a free plugin called Read more…

Flip it

The demands of education in the 21st century are getting more challenging for the average teacher by the constant technological innovations and the speed at which the work environment is evolving. From standardized testing to meeting teaching standards, teachers are constantly faced with the challenge of creating a balance between focusing on meeting standards and engaging more creative instructional methodologies that are more engaging and have more potential develop soft skills and enhance learning. A Read more…

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